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Summer time, going to get good and do some commission :)

Artwork Example

Check out gallery for more stuff

Rendered Pencil:………

Black and white:…

Flat Greyscale/colour:……


:bulletblue:$11 per Line sketch (digital/pencil)
:bulletblue:$16 per rendered pencil character sketch
:bulletblue:$16 per black and white character
:bulletblue:$23 for flat greyscale/colour characters
:bulletblue:$? fully painted work, full illustrations or for anything else just contact me and we can discuss the price

:bulletblue:I'll be doing Characters, Pencil or digital. I'll try just line or black and whites for now. I can probably add base greyscales though

:bulletgreen:These can be original or fan art characters
:bulletgreen:Sci-fi, you can push the themes and descriptions
:bulletgreen:Full Body or 3/4
:bulletgreen:Props (equipment etc)
:bulletgreen: Concept Art

:bulletblue:If you're interested :bulletblue:
:bulletblack: Post on this journal
:bulletblack: Send me a Note with:
:bulletblack: What you want: Style, Size, Line or Greyscale, Portrait or full body etc
:bulletblack: Character Description: A paragraph or so describing the character and appearance
:bulletblack: Reference: A sketch by you, photos, similar characters etc

:bulletblue: Payment :bulletblue:
:bulletblack: Through Paypal
:bulletblack: I'll Note you the email address to paypal to
:bulletblack: Will Show thumbnail and Start commission after first half is paid

:bulletblue:Of course I'll send a high quality JPEG through email

I generally work pretty fast so you'll get your characters quickly and we can communicate as much as needed to get the visual as specific as you imagine it.
  • Listening to: Audio Books
  • Reading: Black Dagger BrotherHood
  • Watching: Brilliant Movies
  • Playing: Sketchpad vs pencil
  • Eating: Ice Lollies
  • Drinking: Ice Cold Water
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SenEnd Featured By Owner May 15, 2010
Keep it up Nibras, it's Dy.lanea on CA. I wanted to call my self something new on hear hehe.
lilnebo Featured By Owner May 16, 2010
Thank you :D, Love your little icon hahah, poor doggy ;P
Yeah the name is cool haha, so it's all good
SenEnd Featured By Owner May 16, 2010
Thanks! To bad the OC session died. Ryan and I tried it again later but I wouldn't work.
lilnebo Featured By Owner May 16, 2010
We'll do it again for sure though
MewOfTheClouds Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010

you know there's a better place to advertise than your journal srsly [link] try this it's helped me get one already
anyway GOOD LUCK geezuz you make me so jealous you know your characters are so clean
lilnebo Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010
Thanks J. Your always helpful :D
Do you think maybe you can give me a mention too on your journal or something, would be super awesome and might help me get something.
I posted on the services now.

Thanks again :D
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Submitted on
July 17, 2010